11 November 2018

Oriental getaway at INDIA ROSA

On the Avenue du Mont-Royal, the exotic and elegant character of India Rosa can not escape us. While savoring its dish, it is easy to escape in the refined and mineral decoration, elaborated by the expert eye of Rubik design. The wooden barn walls, the big black and white photos and the vault and the oriental elements form a perfect combination to travel in the heart of the Plateau. A few steps from the bar, the rattan chairs face seats that are similar to half cages, giving an intimate side to an appointment ... But who is behind all that? 

Since its opening in May 2018, Gupi Sandhu has imagined a trendy place to share dishes influenced by Indian cuisine. The sound of the bites stops in the markets of Punjab. Marinated chicken lovers can divide their plates with four tasty recipes with local aromas. Vegetarian recipes are on the menu with baked papadum, potato samosas and herbed onion donuts. 

Some privileged places to see live cooks in the kitchen, behind a tandoor, oven traditionally used in Indian cuisine. This show gives us a glimpse of what lies ahead! Simmered, pan-fried or garlic-raised, the lamb fits well among the typical sauces of the region. In a more vegetal register, Dahl Darka with lentils and Malai Kofta with cheese punctuate the card spiritually. 

The cocktail menu is definitely worth a look at - especially since most have creations signed by the mixologist Fidel M. Vasquez restaurant. After having worked for eight years in catering, including six for Foodtastic, this expert assumes his know-how behind formulas by adding to his creations, the Indian twist. Syrups, spices, bitters and homemade exotic fruit puree blend with the myriad of alcohols affixed to the imposing shelf. The glass formats are available in four stages and according to your mood: the robust Old fashioned, the light Coupettes, the exotic Tikis and the citrus High Ball ... it's up to you to listen to the master's recommendations.

Auteur: Diane Martin-Graser