21 November 2019

Ohana vegan sushi

Since July 2019, the duo radiates the world of restoration with its oriental sign. Ohana Sushi is a wonderful statement of love to culinary creativity that brings together unique recipes, devised by co-founder Minh Tran. With her partner Thuy Nguyen, she decided to serve the most demanding palates with an exclusive vegan menu. At the origin of the word Ohana, we understand the word flower in Japanese and family in Hawaiian. These two terms join Minh's DNA, with the botanical cuisine of his restaurant and his family values.

Upon her arrival from Nha Trang (Vietnam), Minh began her career as a restaurateur alongside outstanding chef Tri Du, now at the head of her own Tri Express and Le P'tit Tri restaurants in Montreal. Level quality, it is quickly on the same pitch as the undisputed master of sushi. In 1999, his visit to Japan seems to be also the element that will inspire him in his choices to build an establishment whose cooking has a positive effect on health.

Thuy's cuisine is cleverly wired on the air of freshness and the impressive combination of vegetables with spices. Aromatic plants and fruits are added to these equally attractive blends. The diversity contained in the bites is always a surprise! We do not get tired of the chef's specialty, the Black Angel, which carefully combines beet and lentil tartar, shiitake, avocado and mango garnished with black garlic (antioxidant power!) And rice pearls massago.

Not convinced yet? The Bella will captivate our senses with sautéed seitan (wheat protein), rice cake, lemongrass, peanut flakes accompanied by a creamy basil sauce. The decoration of the plates goes hand in hand with the cuisine: refined and colorful. For any hesitation, no problem! The menu offers matching combos and trays with chef's choice.

The restaurant exudes a contemporary and vegetal aura, ideal to enjoy the menu in all "zenitude". Alone, duo or gang, twenty seats await vegetarian sushi enthusiasts. And for a first visit, the flavors that follow each other in our mouths remain an unforgettable experience.

Diane Martin-Graser