18 October 2019

Magpie pizzeria

In the serene Mile-End neighborhood, a trio of restaurateurs gathered their expertise around an Italian specialty that is very much appreciated by Montrealers: the pizza over a wood fire. This Quebec crew imagines in 2010 a new concept around the sharing of comfort food. Once the local of the future Magpie was found, everyone puted their hands in the dough by planting the vintage decor at an old florist. One can also see an inner window near the counter, place that served as a refrigerated space for multiple bouquets.It is at the corner of a monumental oven that it is nice to be satiated with simple recipes, combined with the imagination of Boris, the cook of the family. Inherited of an establishment formerly located on Saint-Viateur, this relic remains of a formidable efficiency by bringing a flavor to the pizzas at a brisk pace. The card features nine compositions created beyond the Neapolitan standard. First of all, there are vegetarians, who have vegetables straight from the gardeners of the gardens of Carya and Berri. Cheeses such as Bocconcini, Fontina and Pecorino Romano are in the spotlight and blend well with Italian cold cuts. Maritime arrivals are not lacking with freshly landed oysters from Prince Edward Island and the eastern coast of the United States. Served half a dozen, they are decorated with a homemade sauce. For small stomachs, the kitchen prepares original salad recipes based on kale and Swiss chard. Fans of fresh pasta can also be found on Casarecce's platter, with its Bolognese sauce and Parmesan that enhances the flavors. That the aficionados of sugar are reassured because a triptych is presented to us! The range of desserts confirms the generosity of the house and it is sincerely difficult to choose between brownie, tiramisu or blueberry cheesecake.
Located close to the Boulevard Saint-Laurent and business incubators, the pizzeria Magpie welcomes a young and family clientele in search of a cordial atmosphere. The enthusiasm of the team does not leave indifferent and that's why we like to make his canteen or a meal in mind to conclude his day on a buena note.