17 January 2019

Thirst for travels and freedom

The French label etiquette stretches its know-how on the other side of the Atlantic. Established on the Saint-Denis axis, the Sunvalley brand won in August 2017 with the inauguration of its first store in North America. The project to open in Montreal was important to them and they did it! Edouard and Gilles Terzibachian, both brothers and mogul skiers, compete ingenuity to meet the needs of a demanding international clientele. 

Based on the concept of travel and freedom, the image of the brand will appeal to its audacity to appeal to amateur athletes and high-level champions. The beginnings of this family saga result in the design of ski suits at the back of a garage! Today, the Marseilles brand shines in 18 countries with winter and summer collections for a mixed clientele. 

Since 1997, Sunvalley has positioned himself on the podiums of the Olympic Games. French athletes such as Sébastien Michaud, Arnaud Rougier and Perrine Laffont embrace the values of the brand by displaying the line for Free Ride. 

Recently, Perrine Laffont has also brought its colors to the forefront by winning the gold medal in freestyle skiing. 

Management strives to optimize the comfort of consumers and aligns with new ecological issues. The creators have come up with innovative products incorporating Primaloft insulation materials. The fitted cuts make the mountain practices more pleasant while remaining elegant! Sunvalley focuses on soft, wrinkle resistant fibers such as Lyocell (Crushed Bamboo) and Modal (Beech Fiber) for summer clothing. For the last two years, creators have also been asserting their choice to replace feather and down with lighter technologies that preserve the dignity of animals.

The brand showcase the charm of the mountain chalets by distilling a woody and warm design. Decoration tends to become the standard of other outlets in Europe and Japan. With only one store in Canada, the project to conquer the Rockies is on the agenda. For now, the manager takes the temperature with the Quebec clientele who remains inclined to adopt these inspiring ranges for sports enthusiasts.


Auteure: Diane Martin-Graser